The Best Scissors for Gardening in 2024

A trusty pair of scissors for gardening is absolutely essential! I just wanted to share my review of the top 5 gardening scissors for you to consider. Usually, you’ll be using these pruning shears for these 9 activities:

1. Regular Plant Maintenance:

Use pruning shears for routine maintenance tasks, such as deadheading flowers, removing spent blooms, or trimming back overgrown branches. This promotes healthier plant growth and enhances the overall appearance of your garden.

2. Seasonal Pruning:

Conduct seasonal pruning to shape and control the size of shrubs and trees, especially during the dormant season or after flowering. Pruning shears are invaluable for precise cuts, ensuring the plant’s structure is maintained while removing any dead or diseased wood.

3. Harvesting Fruits and Vegetables:

When fruits or vegetables are ready for harvest, use scissors gardening to harvest fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The sharp blades allow for clean cuts without damaging the rest of the plant, making the harvesting process efficient and minimizing stress on the plant.

4. Dealing with Thicker Branches:

Especially during rejuvenation pruning, you may want to use hardy heavy duty gardening scissors to cut thicker branches. This makes them handy for tasks like rejuvenating old shrubs by removing thicker, woody growth.

5. Container Gardening:

Pruning shears are essential for maintaining plants in containers. Trimming back excessive growth, shaping, and removing dead or yellowing leaves help container plants stay healthy and aesthetically pleasing.

6. Precision Trimming of Ornamental Plants:

For ornamental plants like hedges, topiaries, or decorative shrubs, you’ll constantly be trimming throughout the growing season. Choose a pair of gardening scissors with an ergonomic design which ensures comfort during extended trimming sessions.

7. Controlling Invasive Plants:

As invasive plants encroach your gardening area, these when pruning shears are effective for controlling invasive species by cutting back and removing unwanted growth. This prevents invasive plants from overpowering and harming native vegetation.

8. Deadheading Flowers:

Deadheading is crucial for encouraging continuous blooming. Use pruning shears to remove spent flowers, directing the plant’s energy towards producing new blooms.

9. Bonsai Care:

Bonsai enthusiasts rely on pruning shears for intricate trimming to maintain the shape and size of their miniature trees. This has to be done regularly, depending on the bonsai’s growth. The precision of the shears is ideal for this delicate task.

Without further ado, let’s explore these recommended garden shears – the number one indispensable tool for gardeners throughout the year!

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Jessie’s Top 5 Recommendations for Gardening Scissors:

Haus & Garten ClassicPRO 8.5″ Bypass Pruning Shears 

This is the closest compared to my favorite Felco, both in terms of quality and performance. The grip of this pair is comfortable and it fits nicely into the shape of my hand so at least I know I’m working efficiently in the garden. Overall, a very sharp pair of gardening scissors, feels and looks very durable. I do expect it to last at least several seasons. There is also an option to buy replacement blades, so that’s a plus point for me.

Loppers Hedge Shears & Pruners Combo Set YRTSH 3-Piece Hedge Clippers

You’ll definitely find value in owning a set of 3 items: the loppers, trimmers, and shears. I was initially skeptical about it – because the price makes me suspicious of its quality. But surprisingly, these are not flimsy, and there are hits and misses. For example, the hedge trimmers lose functionality after only one use, I had to manually tighten it and it made subsequent uses very difficult and unenjoyable. But again – it has the most value as it’s a set of 3.

gonicc 8.5″ Professional Rotating Bypass Titanium Coated Pruning Shears

Interestingly, this is the only pair that has an innovative design with a rotating handle. It’s supposed to help prevent blisters and enhances comfort during extended use, but it definitely needs some time to adapt to it. The shears are also effective in cutting branches that are up to 2-inches thick. So I guess this is workable for tree branches, corn stalks, and rose bushes.

Felco Pruning Shears (F 5) 

This is my preferred pair of gardening scissors! I cannot emphasize how much more about the product’s quality and durability. I hate it when I throw cheap shears because I know I’m contributing waste and that’s bad for the environment. The best thing is that replacement parts are available – definitely a bonus for me! So if you think about it, this pair is considered a cost-effective alternative to higher-priced models but still maintain a level of quality.

The Gardener’s Friend Ratchet Pruning Shears Gardening Tool

I love the ratchet mechanism! It’s what makes cutting branches, even thicker ones, easy and smooth. Definitely a game-changer because it makes pruning pain-free for individuals with weaker hands or arthritis.

The fact that this is incredibly durable, I might buy this as a gift for fellow avid gardener friends too – I’m sure they will love an additional pair as a backup for their yard!

Final words..

These are my top 5 recommended scissors for gardening. My favorite is the Felco – simply because it is super sturdy and heavy duty! There are tons of excellent shears available, so unless you sharpen the blades yourself, once these scissors are blunt, you should replace it. Choose to work with a pair of exceptional shears and your fingers and hands will thank you for it!

Jessica Tay

Jessica Tay

My initial goal to explore the captivating realm of organic farming and self-sustenance started while pursuing my graduate degree. Now, a dedicated researcher and writer, I'm committed to share the learning from my little green yard to the widest audience possible. Together, let's celebrate our gardener's delights!

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